What does it say when Soviet agitprop is enshrined in the West?

The Illuminati (Masonic) Jewish central bankers who created Communism have also subverted the West. By controlling credit, they control business, government, culture and media.

(Another indication is the Stasi-style surveillance using the pretext of "terrorism" which they instigate. The  media constantly trumpets "violence against women" as part of a psychological war on heterosexuality.  In contrast, the media barely mentions the Cabalist Jewish pedophile who drafted Ontario's sex ed curriculum. He admitted to having sex with his daughter and lusted after his granddaughters. The mass media is pure propaganda and mind control.)


International Women's Day  ( March 8) is a longtime Communist propaganda tool. What does it say when an official Soviet holiday is enshrined in our mainstream culture? Clearly, Communism isn't dead; it has just morphed into other forms like Feminism.

It confirms Norman Dodd's famous claim that Ford Foundation President Rowan Gaither told him, in 1954,  that the agenda was to "socially engineer" US life so that "that it can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union" as part of banker-controlled world government.

Every year the supposedly capitalist media echo the old Soviet bromides about women's oppression, domestic violence edition, and every year I post this rebuttal. 

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För dig som inte låtit dig luras av sionisternas-illuminaternas-satansdyrkarnas knep:

Husbands & Fathers by Derek Prince - Video - "HEDRA DIN FADER OCH DIN MODER"


Undervisningen från Bibeln om äktenskapet har illuminati-sionismen gjort allt för att undergräva och därmed förstört familjebildning över hela världen!

Naturligtvis är det också de som står bakom den förödande FEMINISMEN!

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Feminism Was Created To Destabilize Society, Tax Women and set up the NWO - Aaron Russo