Watch as I expose the satanic deception behind Yoga. Many think it is a harmless form of stretching and exercise. It is anything but that, Yoga is in fact a form of Hindu worship and it is an open door to demons. Yoga is meant to awaken the Kundalini spirit within the individual, a snake spirit said to be coiled around the base of the spine. Once awakened through Yoga stretches, it is said to travel up the spine to the brain and open the 3rd eye, or pineal gland of the individual, which is an occult satanic term used to refer to spiritual vision. Yoga stretches are also pulled right out of the Hindu Vedas (scriptures). source



The Mother-Power

(Occult Power)

Introductory Comments

I recently ran across a book entitled, "KUNDALINI, THE MOTHER-POWER" (1992). The author is SRI CHINMOY (ISBN 0-88497-104-X). This article I am writing is intended for research purposes. All my writings are FREE for you to use for the Lord.

Born in Bengal in 1931, Sri entered an "ashram" (spiritual community as they call it) at the age of 12. Here he became a master in Kundalini yoga. Sri Chinmoy came to New York city in 1964. Since then he has had a profound influence about millions of people.

To show you the extent of the New Age Movement, Sri Chinmoy has been giving twice-weekly meditations at the United Nations since 1970. He is a composer of music and performs "peace concerts" around the world. He has written over 850 books as well. Here's a quote from this book, "Sri Chinmoy's achievements as a weightlifter have also earned him considerable renown... He has lifted objects weighing as much as 7,000 pounds using only one arm."

People by the Millions are falling into the devil's trap of New Age and the Kundalini religion. As you will see, Kundalini is witchcraft! New Age is witchcraft!

By the way; I am a born-again Christian, and I believe that Jesus Christ is Almighty God. I only use the King James Bible (what other bible is there?). May God's Holy Spirit speak to your heart as I speak to your mind. Sincerely and God bless, Dave.

Bible Basics

I always read the back page summary of a book before I read it. Surprising to me was the following words I read, "En route to his own spiritual realization, Sri Chinmoy attained mastery over the Kundalini and occult powers." Did you read that!—"Occult powers." We (born-again believers) know right off the bat that Sri Chinmoy has some serious problems if he's involved in occult practices. What does the word "occult" mean? Here is one definition I retrieved from a college dictionary: "Supernatural forces and events and beings collectively." Using the Bible, I would define the "occult" as "any force, power or guidance apart from God and His Word." Seeking help, guidance or information apart from the principles of God's Word is a very foolish thing to do my friend. The occult is very foolish. New Age is of the occult. Astrology is of the occult. These folks are seeking for answers apart from the True and Living God. Note: when one speaks of "forces," he is speaking of "power." Notice what the Bible has to say concerning "power." Read more


Sri Chinmoy who is mentioned above was an idol of UN.

He is now dead but be sure they have an other occult idol at UN!


Alingsås storsatsar på yoga skolaskolan

Alingsås skolor storsatsar man på yoga. Den här terminen deltar 250 elever i vad som beskrivs som en av de största enskilda yogasatsningarna i svensk skola någonsin. Men många är kritiska till att det nu är fritt fram att utöva yoga i skolan. – Yoga är religionsutövning och ingenting annat. Lösningen på barnens stress är inte yoga, säger Mikael Andersson som arbetar som idrottslärare.

-En av de forskare som Skolinspektionen tillfrågade var Erik Blennberger, teologie doktor i tros- och livsåskådningsvetenskap vid Ersta Sköndal högskola.
Han uppgav bland annat följande:
”Yogaövningar, inklusive uttalandet av mantrat ”aum” används numer i vårt land vanligtvis som ett sätt att nå avspänning och lugn, att öka sin koncentration och få bättre självkännedom. Mantrat ”aum” uppskattas då främst som ett behagligt och avslappnat ljud. Både ateister och kristna kan delta i sådana övningar och praktisera yoga utan att det behöver störa respektive övertygelser.”



Johannes evangelium 10:9-10 Jag är porten. Den som går in genom mig ska bli frälst, och han ska gå in och gå ut och finna bete. Tjuven kommer bara för att stjäla, slakta och döda. Jag har kommit för att de ska ha liv, och liv i överflöd.