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Mitt uppdrag som kristen är att rädda människor för evigheten.

"Den Laglöses an­komst är ett verk av Sa­tan och sker med stor makt, fals­ka tec­ken och un­der 10 och med orättfärdig­he­tens al­la kons­ter, som be­drar dem som går i fördärvet – de har ju in­te ve­lat ta emot den kärlek till san­ning­en som kun­de ha räddat dem. 11 Därför låter Gud vill­fa­rel­sen få makt över dem så att de tror på lögnen 12 och blir dömda, al­la des­sa som in­te har trott på sanningen ut­an har valt orättfärdig­he­ten." 2 Tess. 9-12

"Satan deceiveth the whole world" Revelation 12:9

There never can be any true peace—while sins are unforgiven. The sinner with his life's sin unforgiven, can never have true peace. He is sleeping over a volcano. But when sin is forgiven—there is peace with God.

Den gången fick hans röst jorden att skaka, men nu har han lovat och sagt: Än en gång ska jag skaka inte bara jorden utan också himlen. Hebreerbrevet 12:26


I am a trained art teacher at Konstfack in Stockholm, Sweden, and I am born again since 1980.

Min intention är att denna blogg ska vara en ögonöppnare till att finna frälsning i Jesus Kristus och också en blogg till att avslöja Satans list.

My intention is that this blog should be an eye opener to find salvation in Jesus Christ and also to expose the evil devices of Satan.

Bear with my SwEnglish! 

"Var inte rädda för dem som dödar kroppen men inte kan döda själen. Frukta i stället honom som kan fördärva både själ och kropp i Gehenna."

Take A Trip Into The Depths Of HELL  

Only One Way -- Christ!


Ty det finns ingen rättfärdig människa på jorden som gör gott och aldrig syndar. Predikaren 7:21

"Never does a person see any beauty in Christ as a Saviour, until they discover that they are a lost and ruined sinner." -J.C. Ryle


Salvation: It is by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone

"For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus; "1 Tim. 2:5


“It doesn't matter who the people voted for; they always vote for us. -Joseph Stalin

NASA = nasha (hebrew) = to beguile, deceive


"En välvd horisont har han satt över vattnen, där ljuset gränsar mot mörkret." Job 26:10

"Kan du, med honom, breda ut skyarna som ett valv, fast som en spegel av gjuten metall?" Job 37:18

Roman Catholic Church “the greatest forgery that Lucifer ever made.” - Leonard Ravenhill

Ecumenism and New World Order

"Judarna dödade Herren Jesus liksom de dödade profeterna, och oss har de förföljt. De trotsar Gud och är fiender till hela mänskligheten." 1 Tess. 2:15

"Modern Zionism is not possible without the Christian Zionism" -- Netanyahu

The Protocols of Zion in 10 Minutes

“We have made a covenant with death, and with hell are we at agreement.” Isaiah 28:1

"We are not going to achieve a new world order without paying for it in blood as well as in words and money." - Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.

"By way of deception thou shalt do war." - Mossad

"To Control The Media Is To Control The Public." Illuminati=Zionism Goal

"It is a marvel that the American people do not rise up and drive every Jew out of this country." - Harold Rosentahl

Why did God create us? Why are we here? What is the real meaning of Life?

"Think of the press as a keyboard on which the government can play." - Joseph Goebbels

"We own all media"

Greg Felton; America is now fully controlled by Zionists.

And they shall wander from sea to sea, and from the north even to the east, they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the LORD, and shall not find it. Amos 8:12

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

"He that has My Commandments and keeps them, he it is that loves Me." John 14:21

"Some call it Marxism — I call it Judaism." - Rabbi S. Wise

“Utrotningen av kristna är ett nödvändigt offer”  -Talmud, Zohar, Shemoth

"Even the best of the goyim should be killed." - Rabbi ben Yohai

Top Illuminati Grand Wizard: “We Control Islam and We'll Use It to Destroy the West.” (WW3)


MediaCreeper Creeper Religion

norwegian translation

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1882 Dresden Anti-Jewish Manifesto Explains NWO

Read this and ask yourself, "Could Hitler have come to power without Masonic Jewish complicity?"


The last significant effort to defend Christian national values was the "First International Anti-Jewish Conference" held in Dresden...

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Did Jews Help Plan the Holocaust? - The Mystery of Human Life


The Hoyer Memorandum suggests that Sabbatean (Illuminati) Jews were complicit in planning the extermination of their fellow Jews.

The purpose was to trauma brainwash Jews to believe they needed "a homeland" of their own when thanks to Freema...

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Censoring The Name of Jesus - Satanists Are Controlling ~ Video



People need to educate themselves on the one true king and stop believing in falsehoods.




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Predictive Programming - Psychopaths - Video

Svensk media - radio, press, tv - är naturligtvis lika korrupt (lögnaktig) som amerikansk!

Zechariah 11:17 “Woe to the worthless shepherd, Who leaves the flock! A sword shall be against his arm And against his right eye; His...

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Judisk satanism och bankhuset Rothschilds ~ Videos

År 1625 föddes en jude vid namn Sabbatai Sevi i den Turkiska staden Smyrna. Hans föräldrar hade flyttat till Turkiet efter att ha bott i Grekland och fadern var en framgångsrik köpman. Sabbatai genomgick den vanliga judiska skolningen men fick...

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Den totalitära diktaturens fula ansikte & Asylmottagning eller välfärd

Nu visar sig den totalitära diktaturen Sverige, som på pappret kallas för en demokrati, sitt rätta och sitt mycket fula ansikte.

Från och med igår (1 mars) trädde en ny lag i kraft som tvingar kommunerna att ta emot så kallade flykt...

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Ritual Sacrifice, Hollywood, Masonry, Lucifer, Illuminati, "Gay Mafia" ~ Videos

HELL = The place or state of punishment for the wicked after Death


The Satanic Bloodline - Conspiracy Fact Not A Conspiracy Theory

"They Live" Hollywood Director John Carpenter Exposed...

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Tyskland och Europa innan Hitler kom till makten - Laglöshetens hemlighet

Bildresultat för bilder på albert pike

1871 skrev Kabbalisten, frimuraren, illuminaten (ockultisten/satanisten) Albert Pike ett brev till Guiseppe Mazizini, 33,e gradens frimurare i Italien där han förklarar hur de hemliga ordnarna (frimurarordnarna) skall gå tillväga för att lägga...

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War is a Racket - Smedley Butler & The story behind a fascist coup against USA!

An adult male looking to the right in a military uniform; military ribbons are visible.

War is a Racket by Smedley Butler is a famous speech denouncing the military industrial complex. This speech by two-time Congressional Medal of Honor recipient exposes war profits that benefit few at the expense of many. Throughout his distinguished...

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The Host and The Parasite - How Israel's Fifth Column Consumed America ~ Videos

How Israel exploited the U.S. economy, government and military to destroy the American republic.

'One of the most important books of the last ten years'

Author Greg Felton, "The United States became midwife to a war crime when it en...

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Translated into English by Victor E. Marsden (in 1920)





Who are the Elders?

Protocol I The Basic Doctrine...

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How the “Forged” Rabbi’s, of Chabad Lubavitch Infiltrated, Gutted, and Destroyed


Christian America

There is only one Sinai-GOG of Satan. There is only one Sanhedrin after the working of that old Dragon and Satan. The Chabad Lubavitch heads the Sanhedrin in that harlot spiritual city “Sodom and Egypt” jerusalem....

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The Strong Delusion - The Lie of God’s Blessing vs The Truth ~ Video

The Lie of God’s Blessing vs The Truth

Carlsbad, CA September 5 – We have recently discovered by just looking at the timeline from 1948 to 2015, there has been no “God’s Blessing” on America since America started supporting Israel. We have been told we are “blessed” but when w...

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The Pope of Rome in America 2015: Why Now? by Shaun Willcock

In 2008 I wrote an article entitled The Pope of Rome in America 2008: Why Now?[1]. Seven years later, in September 2015, the Jesuit pope, Francis I, visited the United States; and it is necessary to analyse his visit, the reasons for it, and what it...

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The US Senate Wailing For Tammuz America & E Mail To the SEAT of Satan Sanhedrin

Chaos Monster and Sun God

Behold The US Senate Talmudic God Who Has No Only Begotten Son, And

Veteran shliach Rabbi Moshe Feller, Director of Upper Midwest Merkos Chabad Lubavitch opened the United States Senate on Tuesday, Gimmel Tammuz mentioning th...

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Soros/CIA Plan to Destabilize Europe - Wayne Madsen — Guest Columnist:

George Soros

The News Doctors Sept 24, 2015

Just as the dark forces of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and George Soros’s multi-billion dollar network of non-governmental organizations plotted to destabilize the Middle East and North Africa throug...

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Ingen flyktingkris Landet Sverige Är Ett Exploaterat Förvirrat Offer för Satan

"Laglöshetens hemlighet" skriver:

Denna artikel är hämtad från bloggen “ Invandring och mörkläggning”

Migrationsverket rapporterar på sin hemsida att under de senaste sju dagarna har 6.909 personer sökt asyl i Sverig...

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Vatican Calls for The Establishment of World Government and New World Order

Ur tidningen Dagen:

Carl Bildt lyfter fram vikten av en god relation med den Heliga stolen

Det kristna arvet som ett viktigt värde för Europa och relationen med påvedömet i Rom. Det var två av samtalsämnena när Sveriges utri...

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